Finding The Perfect Home

  • 17 Apr 12

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Asking Yourself These 12 Questions Before You Start Will Help You Narrow the Search

  1.  Do you want a single-family detached home, a semi-detached home, a townhouse, a duplex or a condo?
  2.  Do you enjoy and have the time for yard work & home maintenance?
  3.  Are you handy with repairs?
  4.  Do you ofter entertain at home and have house guests?
  5.  Do you travel a lot?
  6.  Do you need an interior space with a lot of natural light?
  7.  Do you plan to work full-time form you home office?
  8.  Could you and your partner or family live through a renovation?
  9.  Are you comfortable participating with the condo board members & making decisions together that will affect you?
  10.  Do you need easy access to public transit or require parking for one or more cars for work?
  11.  How close do you want to live to your neighbours?
  12.  Do you have pets and if so what are their requirements?