Houses vs. Condos

  • 03 Dec 12

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Sales activity for low-rise homes still remains strong, with competition between buyers for traditional single family homes. This is most notable in the central Toronto neighbourhoods and those neighbourhoods in close proximity to public transit.

The condo market has lost the momentum it has earlier in the year. Buyers can now take advantage of a range of special value added incentives including free upgrades, no maintenance fees or property taxes for two years, or especially of interest to the investor buyer – two year lease back plans. The typical incentive packages available in the market have effectively rolled pricing back by a full 10%!

Two New Great Buyer Incentives!

    Program Highlights:

    • 2 Year Carefree Leaseback Program Available
   • 2 Year Free Maintenance
   • 2 Year No Property Tax
   • Free Assignment Rights